An important update discussing some upcoming changes at the Abattoir as of November 1st, 2020.

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We are Yukon's only year-round Government Inspected abattoir. We are a full-service facility certified to slaughter and process all red meat animals including: cattle, bison, elk, swine, sheep, lamb, goats, and rabbit.

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Custom Slaughter

Yukon Born and Raised provides slaughter services for animal owners across the Yukon. The health of the animals is important to us. After being transported to our facility they will be given the opportunity to relax in a clean pen separate from other farms’ animals. We work exclusively with a Yukon Government meat inspector who will examine your animal before and during processing to ensure animal health. Carcasses can be returned to the customer whole, in sides or quarters, or cut, wrapped and processed to your or your customers specifications.  

Custom Meat Cut & Wrap

The Yukon Born and Raised facility is optimized for cut and wrap jobs of all sizes. Custom cutting will ensure that you receive the cuts you or your customer require and in the appropriate packaging. We have traditional cuts such as roasts, steaks, chops, ground, and patties. We also have an in-house smoker and sausage kitchen that can be used for sausages, hams, jerky, and smokies. Your choice of butcher wrap or vacuum sealing.  

Curing, Smoking, and
Sausage Making

Yukon Born and Raised has modern curing and smoking equipment that produce premium-finished specialty products. All of our processing is done in small batches and is never processed with another farmers meat. Finished products are all nitrate free, gluten free, dairy free, and include zero artificial flavours or colours. 

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